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jean shinoda bolen head shot beautiful embroidered white blouseWelcome to my website! Here you can find out what I will be doing and where I have put my energy, passion, creativity, and effort. It’s about being on a path with heart.  

Activism and individuation (to find a meaningful, inner directed, chosen life-path) come together when the choices we make express who we are and who we are becoming. Once we believe that there is a purpose to life and that we have a soul, then what we do with our life, matters. Archetypes, dreams and synchronicities provide depth and direction, especially during times of transition when one phase of life shifts into the next. When soul and purpose come together, when we follow a path with heart, then we are on course.

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“Untapped Source of Peace – Women” 5WCW India 2022 is not an end in itself but a means

I will be in New Delhi, India, to further my efforts to have a UN 5th World Conference on Women. In Moving Toward the Millionth Circle, I define “assignment” as an inner Yes! to three questions: “Is it meaningful? Will it be fun? and Is it motivated by love?” This is why I am going to India and will be speaking at the Women’s Economic Forum 2018 (April 26 – May1) with the intuition that there will be receptive audiences and individuals, who will take on influencing their government to have 5WCW in India. Through I persist in my advocacy, 5WCW is not an end in itself, but a means to an end, which is equality and empowerment of women in all important decisions. I was reminded of this after the missile strike on Syria, when WUNRN (Women’s UN Report Network), sent out an atypical report, “Men Make War: Women Want Peace! Photo of Child in War + Poem on Women and Peace” (WUNRN April 14, 2018). There was horror in the face of the blood-splattered girl child whose parents were killed by soldiers, the poem was one that I had written  “Women – Untapped Source of Peace” in Urgent Message From Mother. I had intended that this first paragraph of my April newsletter be linked to the WUNRN Photo + Poem I mention. When this didn’t work out, I remembered that there is a video of me reading the poem, with the words under it—click here to hear the poem and read the words.

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