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jean shinoda bolen head shot beautiful embroidered white blouseWelcome to my website! Here you can find out what I will be doing and where I have put my energy, passion, creativity, and effort. It’s about being on a path with heart.  

Activism and individuation (to find a meaningful, inner directed, chosen life-path) come together when the choices we make express who we are and who we are becoming. Once we believe that there is a purpose to life and that we have a soul, then what we do with our life, matters. Archetypes, dreams and synchronicities provide depth and direction, especially during times of transition when one phase of life shifts into the next. When soul and purpose come together, when we follow a path with heart, then we are on course.

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Transitions, Reflections, Thoughts, and Questions: What Now? What Next?

It has taken over a year for me to get used to the idea of being as old as I am–which came so fast!  I think of this time as being in transition between the end of one cycle, and at the beginning of the next, waiting for inner clarity, wanting to know (as in gnosis) which path to take. If we believe that life is a soul journey, which i do—it matters what choice we make, as well as how we respond to unchosen circumstances. Transitions are thresholds, are in-between “places” to wait and ask, “What now?” and “What next?” until an inner wisdom or a “north star” knows. After coming home from India, Esalen, and Kanuga in the mountains of North Carolina, and reflecting on my experiences, I wrote short articles and chose photographs and images for my newsletter “At the Crossroad with Hecate.” It became clear that my path has to do with how I will spend my time, energy, and creativity. I now have a certainty that there will be a world conference on women, India, 2022. Women are rising, marching, forming circles, running for office, and more. If the momentum continues, women may be ushering in a Decade the Woman or maybe even a Century of the Woman. 

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