The Artemis-effect: How women are changing the world. by Valerie Andrews

The Artemis Effect: How Women are Changing the World by Valerie Andrews

“The Artemis Effect: How women are changing the world”  is an article from The Intelligent Optimist, which is published in the USA and Holland. Journalist Valerie Andrews took the main attributes of Artemis from Artemis: The Indomitable Spirit in Everywoman to make the point that Artemis is the prototype of female activism. The result is a visually stunning, illustrated article. She cites contemporary examples of little known activists from all over the world, as well Facebook’s  Sheryl Sandberg’s  Lean In Circles, Code Pink,  “Bring Back Our Girls” campaign in Nigeria, and the Millionth Circle movement. 

Andrews made specific connections between the attributes and mythology of Artemis the Goddess of the Hunt and Moon and activism:

  • Artemis as midwife, Artemesia the herb that eases labor named for her, activism for teen mothers, safe pregnancies.
  • Pre-pubescent girls called Arktoi or little bears, were “under the protection of Artemis” : anti-tafficking of girls. opposition to early marriage.
  • Artemis as a skilled huntress –represents self sufficiency, living off the land.
  • Artemis as Guardian of nature and animals, mountains, springs, and forests as her sacred precincts: environmentalists, animal protectors.
  • Twin sister of Apollo — relationships with men as equals.
  • Goddess of the moon, Artemis governs the realm of quiet and reflection.

Download the full article, “The Artemis Effect: How women are changing the world” (pdf 759kb)