The Premise and the Power of The Millionth Circle

Start with women’s circles
Each one like a pebble thrown in a pond.
The effect of women in them,
And the effect women in them have,
Send out concentric rings of influence.

Remember history?
Remember how one age ends and another begins?
What “was and always will be” in one age,
Is outmoded, superseded, revised in the next.

Something like a teeter-totter effect happens
At certain points in time,
Rupert Sheldrake’s Morphic Field Theory is enacted
And history changes.
When a critical mass–the hundredth monkey
Or the millionth circle–tips the scales,A new era will be ushered in
And patriarchy will be over.

–excerpted from Jean’s The Millionth Circle: How to Change Ourselves and The World. This book inspired the Millionth Circle Initiative (2001), and led Jean to become a leading advocate for a UN 5th World Conference on Women (5WCW). The 4th was in Beijing in 1995, before the widespread use of cellphones, the internet, and social media.

In  2012,  the UN Secretary General and the President of the UN General Assembly jointly asked for a resolution to hold the 5th World Conference on Women. Behind the scenes lobbying against it stopped the momentum but now with the rise of feminism and the millennial generation, the time is ripe for 5WCW ( Envisioned: holding 5WW in India.

On January 21, 2017, pink pussyhatted women marched in Washington DC, and in cities all over the world. It was a peaceful resistance to the inauguration of Trump and what he stands for– between five and six million women and supporters marched in 673 cities. It was the largest resistance march in history. The #MeToo movement caught fire at year end. Like the marches, this also was started by an email–and was responded to by individual women who felt compelled by an inner impetus to speak out, just as individuals learned about the marches and showed up. Women empowered themselves and are empowering each other.


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Feminism catches fire when it draws upon its inherent spirituality.

--Carol Lee Flinders

There is nothing as powerful as an idea whose time has come.

--Victor Hugo