Close to the Bone:
 Life-Threatening Illness as a Soul Journey

Close to the Bone Book Cover

A life-threatening illness is not just a crisis for the body, the soul is deeply impacted. This remarkable book has accompanied people through the psychological and spiritual terrain in which they find themselves, much of which is felt through emotionally evocative metaphors and myths. It is as if the earth gives way under us, and we are in the underworld. Like abducted Persephone or Inanna, this is a soul journey that can take us (and those who love us) to the underworld and back, transformed.  There are soul decisions as well as medical decisions to be made. Cancer and other life-threatening illnesses can be a turning point, much like a midlife crisis. Who and what matters to us, and who we matter to can become clear.  Sometimes the stories we hear and believe truly become life-saving when the mind and body, immune system and psyche come together. To seek I-Thou relationships, do affirmations or visualizations, ask others to pray, and seek the best medical treatment are choices that matter. The last chapter on “Musings” is for anyone who wonders about the meaning of life, what might determine when we die, or the possibility of an afterlife.