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  • Wed

    United Nations CSW NGO Panel: We Rise! We Rise! We Rise Together!

    4 W 43rd Street, New York, NY

    Women’s Marches were virtually instigated and individually responded to-- becoming the largest resistance demonstration in history. Women as individuals and as a gender are rising and empowering each other in circles, marches, and conferences. Together women have the potential of moving humanity toward an evolutionary egalitarian era in human history.  A UN Fifth World Conference on Women (5WCW) would accelerate this through role modeling, information, and inspiration. Women and girls together and individually are the only force that can change the hearts and minds of men whose psychology and politics are moving humanity toward a new Dark Age.

For women to become empowered and equal, courage and voice need to be mobilized in individuals who find they are supported when they do, such as #MeToo movement.  Political will at the top depends on participation of women, media attention and grassroots activism. There is a growing momentum for change and resistance to change. 5WCW is needed for progress toward equality and diversity.

    Purpose: Urge your government and your country’s UN Mission that now is the time to support a General Assembly resolution for a 5th World Conference on Women. Note the 2012 Joint Statement from the Secretary General and President of the General Assembly that urged such a resolution. Urge India to become the Host Country. Urge NGO-CSW New York to join NGO CSW-Geneva to support 5WCW.

    Panel participants:  Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D., H.E,Anwarul K.Chowdhury, Elly Pradervand, Pam Rajput, Moderator: Rosemary Williams. Invited: Gloria Steinem, Ruchira Gupta

    Sponsor: Women’s World Summit Foundation. Co-sponsors: Pathways To Peace, Earth Child Institute, Millionth Circle, Women’s Perspective, Women’s Intercultural Network, Apneapp Women Worldwide

    Location: Social Hall, 4W 43rd Street, New York, 4:30 pm

    PDF Download (updated 2/20/18)- CSW2018 Flyer Event Announcement (16.3 MB)

    And www.5wcw.org; for information and documents re World Conferences on Women